BAC 2008



Part 1 Reading       (15 points)                                                                                                       

A)  Comprehension     (08pts)                                                                         

Read the text carefully and do the activities.


   The health time bomb of obesity is exploding. Already one in three UK children is obese or overweight. Unless we act, by 2050 over half of adults and almost half of children will be clinically obese. Given that obesity takes, on average, 13 years from the life of sufferers, this could lead to the first fall in life expectancy for over 300 years.


   A key cause of the obesity crisis is our poor diet. The vast majority of UK children consume too much salt, fat and sugar and almost all of them don't get enough fruits and vegetables. In addition to obesity, poor diet is causing a rise in diabetes, heart diseases and other health problems.


   It is no coincidence that children eat the foods they see on advertisements. Marketers spend over £ 300 million on food promotion - almost always unhealthy - on TV before 9 pm, and this money is not wasted. Children and parents both say the constant marketing of funk food is one reason why they consume so much of it. In fact almost three- quarters of parents say that junk food advertising influences their children's food choice. Of course children's diets are the responsibility of their parents. But hard-pressed mums and dads need some help.


To ban junk food advertising before 9pm is the best way to protect children. Over 70 per cent of children's TV viewing is outside the hours of children's TV (when the government's advertising restrictions apply). The commercial TV programmes that children watch most are Ant & Dec, The X Factor and Coronation Street. Unless we protect children from TV adverts during these programmes we will not tackle the obesity crisis.

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