BAC 2008


Education in the US

Part1:READIN (15points)                                                                                

AComprehension (07points)                                                                                                     

                              Read the text carefully then do the activities.

Education is compulsory and free for every child in The United States. Most children start school at the age of six. They attend eight years of elementary school and four years of high school (or secondary school). The money for free public schools comes from taxes, and each state is responsible for its own educational system. State legislatures set the educational requirements but leave the management of schools in the hands of the local communities. Most states require their children to go to school until a certain age. This age varies from 16 to 18 years according to the laws of the individual states. The Federal government contributes funds to the states for additional schools and school services.

 After graduation from high school, a student can start his higher education in a two-year college, a four-year college, a university, or a specialized professional school-either public or private. Most colleges admit students on the basis of their high-school records. The cost of a college education is expensive in private universities, but it is much less in those supported by states and cities. Many students receive scholarships from the schools, the government, or private foundations and organizations. More than 50 % of the college students work to help pay their college expenses. Only 2 % of the population of the country cannot read and write.
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