BAC 2008


Chips From Potatoes

Chips From Potatoes.pdf PARTONE      (15 points)                                                                

A/ Comprehension                                                                  (08pts)   

    Read the text carefully then do the activities.

The Children Who Don’t Know Chips From Potatoes


They are a staple part of the majority of children’s daily diets, but incredibly more than one in three youngsters don’t know that chips come from potatoes. Almost a tenth of those asked the question thought they were made of oil while others bizarrely believed they came from eggs, flour or apples. Children’s ignorance of food source was discovered in a survey of pupils aged between 8 and 16 made by the British Health Foundation.

When a group of children were asked by a chef to identify various fruits and vegetables, they were confused. However all of them were able to identify fast-food chain restaurants like Mcdonald’s,Quick and Pizza Hut from their logos

In the British Health Foundation survey 36 percent of the children claimed they did not know that chips were made from potatoes and a similar number didn’t realize cheese came from milk.

Kids have lost touch with even the most basic foods and no longer understand what they are eating. Banning junk foods or telling children not to eat them is not enough. We must engage children in understanding why certain foods are less healthier than others, and encourage them to become interested in what’s on their plate. This campaign is about talking to children in their language so that they think about what they eat and start demanding healthier foods.


                    Daily Mail, November 7th ,2006. p.7

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